A brutal ‘trailer-trash’ fight-performance.

The American Dream; everybody can become somebody… if you stay of the right side of the law. The sky is the limit. Hank lives with his mom and his brothers in a trailer park called Sunny Side Up, deep into the heart of Texas. They hang around the trailer, swearing and spitting, while fantasizing about violent acts that could replace the never-ending boredom. One day, Hank has had enough and decides to follow his dream to make it big in the meat-industry. He buys a moped and announces his plan to leave, but the others don’t seem to be that happy with his newly found purpose. This conflict gets out of hand fast and causes a chain reaction of violence.

YoungGansters’ Hit Rock Bottom is based on the play When the Shit Hits the Fan, and written specifically to be featured at De Parade.

When the Shit Hits the Fan was performed at the festivals Oerol, Over het ij Festival, Karavaan, Cultura Nova, Theater Festival and at Stadschouwburg Amsterdam and Huis van Bourgondië (among others).

Cast & Crew

Directed by > Lotte Bos en Annechien de Vocht
Actors > Thomas Dudkiewicz, Benjamin Moen, Marius Mensink, Joost Bolt, Rutger Remkes, Jurriën Remkes
Music > Marius Mensink, Krisjan Schellingerhout
Technique > Henk Geurds, Thierry Wilders
Production > Lowie Smink, Mette Stam, Siri Klein Robbenhaar
Poster and graphic design > Joost de Haas
Produced by > YoungGangsters, Cultura Nova, Het Huis van Bourgondië, Over het IJ Festival
Management > Wouter Goedheer
Special thanks to > De Jongens, Mats Boswijk, Isil Vos, Jurriën Remkes, Mette Stam, Siri Klein Robbenhaar, Louis de Vocht, Tim van ‘t Hof, Bas Matzerath, Anouk van Sprundel, Kay Greidanus, Nick Bos, Jip van den Dool en all people at Huis van Bourgondië