The theatre group YoungGangsters is directed by Annechien de Vocht. YoungGangsters is known for its physical, spectacular, humorous and quirky productions that are performed on location.

We travel the Netherlands with our own GangstersParadise, a uniquely designed mobile home base, consisting of a podium, a bar and an outdoor café. Besides appearing at summer festivals like Oerol, Karavaan, Over het IJ Festival, Simmerdeis and De Parade, we also perform on location in towns, as part of a theatre programme. For instance, in The Hague we have collaborated with Het Nationale Theater, in Rotterdam with Theater Rotterdam, in Groningen with SPOT, in Utrecht with Stadsschouwburg Utrecht and in Amsterdam with Theater Bellevue.

YoungGangsters was founded in 2009 by Annechien de Vocht and Lotte Bos. For more than 10 years, we’ve been making our name with ‘action theatre’: a theatre form we developed ourselves, in which we interpret our love of and fascination with staged violence in performances filled with slapstick fights, visual spectacle and special effects. We often perform in English, sometimes alternated with Dutch, and sometimes we use no language at all.

We take inspiration from Hollywood films and popular media, in order to evoke the temptations of mass manipulation. Our social themes are cloaked in dynamic entertainment.

What the f*** do they want?

YoungGangsters creates performances about the individual trying to stay afloat in the violent storm of opinions, mass manipulation and news (fake or otherwise). Through our productions, we try to fathom out the systems that influence our ideas. We make our audience feel the attraction and then proceed to negate its effect. We go over the top and cross moral boundaries until you begin to wonder what you’ve actually been caught up in. We encourage you to form your own opinions, straighten up and stand firm.

What the f*** ARE THEY Up To?

In the coming four years, YoungGangsters will create two big shows, both of which will go on tour in the summer: the modern western Cowboys & Ind**ns, which was postponed due to corona, and Poverty for Sale, in which we turn poverty into a profitable business.

YoungGangsters will also be co-producing a further three shows. Once is a dance performance co-produced with DOX: Don’t Wanna Touch, in which we free the hiphop scene of its homophobia. With the performance collective La Isla Bonita, we’ll be making Just Wanna Have Fun, about the desire for eternal youth. And finally, we’ll be joining with De Noordelingen to create The Poverty Peepshow (Part 2), a voyeuristic glimpse into poverty.

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Artistic Director
Annechien de Vocht
> annechien@younggangsters.com
Business Director
Tamara Keasberry/ 06- 41485982
> zakelijk@younggangsters.com
Production Management – ‘n More
Ellen van Bunnik / Lise van den Hout
> productie@younggangsters.com
Sanne Oostenga / 06-31257502
> publiciteit@younggangsters.com


Joost de Kleine Beek
Sophie Lambo
Katinka Zoethout
Willem van Rossum



Bataviastraat 24 – unit 2.13
1095 ET Amsterdam
The Netherlands


YoungGangsters is structurally funded by Amsterdams Fond voor de Kunst and Fonds Podiumkunsten.