Een show vol slapstick, humor en zelfspot!

A romance between a geisha and a samurai drives a jealous emperor and his servant to despair and a thirst for blood.
Extreme characters that fight each other for pointless reasons, to finally come together to sing an atoning song about world peace.

A show of slapstick, humour, and self-deprecation!

Wanna Fight Again was performed at the festival Over het IJ Festival, Jonge Harten and Tweetakt (among others).

Cast & Crew

Directed by > Lotte Bos, Annechien de Vocht
Music > Krisjan Schellingerhout
Actors > Thomas Dudkiewicz, Benjamin Moen, Nadia Amin, Rutger Remkes, Stephanie Louwrier, Stephanie van Leersum
Poster and graphic design > Joost de Haas